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GEDA series single phase AC switching device

GEDA series single phase AC switching device
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GEDA series single phase AC switching device

1.GEDA introduction

This product is a multi-function power module installations, which integrates single-phase thyristor main circuit, phase transfer trigger and modulating circuit, temperature protection circuit, radiator, fans, switch-mode stabilized voltage power supply.

It is installed on the wall. It is a integrated electrical phase-shift open-loop systems, which allows hand-control,automation, linear control. It is stable in quality, convenient in using and with high precision. This module is widely used in inductive resistance loads, such as AC motor, transformer, temperature control, brightness modulation and AC voltage modulation, etc.

2. Internal lines connection, classification and name

GETA/GEDA series

3. Main technical standards(GEDA-50;70;120;200;250;350;500)

Function Single phase thyristor AC voltage modulation
Input voltage 220V±20% 380V±20%
Power source 12V,1A
Controlling voltage 0-10VDC
Controlling current 4-20mA
Hand-control potentiometer resistance 10KΩ
Colling method Wind-colling radiator Electric fan:220V0.15~0.25A
Ambient temperature -25~+55oC
Proteltive temperature 75oC±2oC
Input voltage asymmetry degree ≤6%
Main circuit parameter
Parameter Unit Value
Load current Arms 50 70 120 200 250 350 500
TRIAC over voltage Vpk 800-1200
Frequency Hz 50-60
Off state voltage rising rate V/sec 500
On state voltage rising rate A/sec 100
Off state leakape current mArms ≤10 ≤10 ≤15 ≤20
On state leakape current Vrms 1.6 1.8 1.8 1.8
Voltage drop insulating voltage Vrms ≥2500
Weight Kg 6.5

4. Debugging method and Connection

Connections of control lines(50-150A module)
- 10V voltage control - 10K potentiometer control - 4-20mA control

GETA/GEDA series

Remarks:the interfaces of 200A—500A modules:VCC(red)、CON1(blue)、Econ(orange)、CON(yellow)、4-20mA(green)GND(black)others are blank See the right map connections is the same as above.

5. Connections

6. Exterior and dimensions

GETA/GEDA series


GEDA-50-120 GEDA-200;250 GEDA-350-500
Volume L*B*H(mm) 350*164*159 350*164*231 380*164*231
Mounting hole F*E*Φ 330*82*Φ9 330*82*Φ9 330*82*Φ9

7. Cautions




The module is dangerous or even damaged if output current is big when module operated in a small dredge angle.
Protection of the module: fast acting fuse should be applied in short circuit protection, for over voltage protection, we have adopted impedance capacitance absorbing and pressure responsive resistor, for over temperature protection, a temperature switch of 75℃ is applied, when the temperature of the load exceeds 75℃,no output until problem solved, the system will come back to normal as the temperature drops below 75℃.
This module is equipped with +12V working power supply.
The anode and cathode can’t be reversed when connecting external voltage and modulating current. In the modulation of voltage, multi-loop precise potentiometer is better to be used. Attention: only one way is allowed simultaneously.
The current of the module should be over 2 times as large as the current of the load if the load is impedance load.
The current of the module should be over 3 times as large as the current of the load if it is inductive load.
The current of the module should appropriately multiples if the current of the load changes greatly.The wires ends should be fixed to the electrodes of the module, the studs must be firm and have good planarpressure contact.
The wire ends and zones should be fastened, to avoid additive heat caused by bad contact, and covered by insulated heat- shrinking hose.
The housing of the equipment needs to connect to ground for the consideration of safety and interference.

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