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IGBT Modules 300A 1200V

IGBT Modules 300A 1200V
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IGBT Modules 300A 1200V

Typical applications

- AC and DC electric motor control;
- Frequency transformer;
- UPS;
- Industry power supply;
- Electric welding machine.


- SPT chip (soft-punch-through);
- MOS input control;
- Ultra thin IGBT chip, great current,low loss, low tail current;
- Low VCE (sat) saturated voltage,positive temperature coefficient at high temperature;
- High switch frequency, low switch loss;
- High SC resistive ability;
- Module creepage long distance design;
- DBC insulated voltage above 2,500V RMS.

Maximum rated values

Name Symbol Conditions values Unit
Collector-emitter voltage VCES   1200 V
DC-collector current IC TC=25(80)℃ 450(300) A
repetitive peak voltage ICRM TC=25(80)℃, tp=1ms 900(600)) A
gate-emitter peak voltage VGES   +20 V
operation temperature Tvj   -40~+150
storage temperature Tstg   -40~+125
insulation test voltage VISOL RMS, 1min, 50Hz 2500 V
Inverse diode
DC-forward current IF Tc=25(80)℃ 450(300) A
repetitive peak forward voltage IFRM Tc=25(80)℃, tp=1ms 900(600)) A
forward surge current IFSM tp=10ms, sin, Tj=125℃ 2200 A

Characteristic values

Paramiter Symbol Conditions values IGBT
min. typ. max.
gate threshold voltage VGE(th) VGE=VCE, lC=5mA,Tj=25℃ 5   7 V
collector-emitter cut-off current ICES VGe=0V, Vce=VCES   0.2 0.6 mA
gate-leakage current IGES VGE=0V, VGE=20V, Tj=25℃ -400   400 nA
On-state slope resistance rCE VGE=15V, Tj=25(125)℃   3(4) 4(5)
collector-emitter saturation votage VCE(SAT) lC=300A,VGE=15V,chip parameters   1.9(2.1) 2.35 (2.55) V
input capacitance Cies VGE=0,VCE=25V,f=1MHZ   26   nF
output capacitance Coes   3   nF
Reverse transfer capacitance Cres   3   nF
stray inductance module LCE       20 nH
turen on delay time td (on) VCC=600V, lc=300A
Rgon=Rgoff=12Ω Tj=125℃,
  110   ns
rise time tr   60   ns
turn off delay time td (off)   800   ns
fall time tf   60   ns
turn-on energy loss per pules Eon   22   mj
turn-off energy loss per pulse Eoff   22   mj
Reverse diode
forward voltage VF


  2(1.8)   V
peak reverse recovery current lRRM   200   A
Reverse recovered time trr   220   nS
Thermal properties
Thermal resistance, junction to case Rth(j-c) per IGBT   0.06   K/W
Rth(j-c)D per inverse diode   0.12   K/W
Thermal resistance, case to heat sink Rth(c-s) per module   0.03   K/W
Mechanical properties
mounting torque M1 M6 3   6 NM
terminal connection tord M2 M5 2.5   5 NM
weight MAX   324     g
Case color     white     K/W
Dimensions MAX   107.5x62x31     mm


G300-12CS2 Technical Details

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